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The 5-step Method has become the real operational Gospel of the Marketing Interim Managers team spread all over the world.


How is

It is the scientific method of the Marketing Interim Managers;

How woks

it is the method based on the 5 Marketing laboratory operations that lead to the achievement of results specifically identified for your business (probably the result you want TODAY is not the right one);

What is it for

It is the unique method to make decisions that escape uncontrollable variables such as courage, business and personal constraints and performance anxiety (and not because the Marketing Interim Manager is a superhero, but for his precise transversal skills).

Why do you need a Marketing Manager to take care of your company right now and on an interim basis?

Because in the last 5 years, you have lost the competitive advantage over your commercial opponents:

  • Some laws have changed, or even small regulations that have thrown your product/service into a spiral of sales difficulties;
  • You realize you are placing your product/service in a market where everyone does the same thing, or a market where there is not a lot of money attached to it, or a market that is rapidly turning into a desert;
  • There have been important changes in the company. Right now, it is not clear who, how and why makes strategic marketing decisions;
  • Your company’s marketing sector is poorly organized, it lacks many important skills (market analysis skills, strategy funnel design, automation, copywriting, direct sales).
  • Someone has put YOU in charge of the marketing decisions but, with transparency and courage, you know you cannot carry out the task in the right way.

In one or more of these cases, contacting a Marketing Interim Manager is the only solution to return to expand your share in the reference market.

The 5 steps of the MIM® method


1 Anamnesis

Let’s start on the right foot Just like a doctor does his detailed collection of patient information, the Marketing Interim Manager penetrates the entire mass of your data like a needle in butter.


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“It is the same preliminary analysis that all consultants in the world do”, you tell me.


It is a long and in-depth process that brings to light the smallest and most overlooked detail that, hidden and silent, is today causing you incalculable damage.

The MIM® through his profound communication skills will be able to obtain the information it needs first of all by interviewing everyone. Really everyone.

Marketing is, first of all, congruence.

The lowest critical issues are nestled precisely in the organizational naivety of those who, believing they are doing good, “put too much of their own” into the performance of their duties.

Think of a seller who promises an unsustainable guarantee to save a deal.

This will become, maybe years later, an unfulfilled customer expectation.

With all that this entails.

Scientific scruple and Professional Sensitivity of the Marketing Interim Manager will reduce this risk to 0.

2 Zero

For a working system, like the MIM® Method, which draws on the scientific method, this is a fundamental aspect. The fact that each step is measurable and evaluable on the basis of objective numerical criteria, and not according to abstract and random considerations, it makes 0 the only possible starting point.


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The data collected in anamnesis are analysed and verified, through the comparison with incontrovertible parameters that ensure maximum objectivity to our great starting point.

The Report Zero.

There is no better way to start, if not from the beginning.

A sort of tabula rasa to recalibrate procedures, activities and results in the best possible way.

Does starting over scare you?

Courage is needed, I told you. What many of your competitors are not having right now.

For his part, the Marketing Interim Manager has the ability to share the plan to all company levels, but without compromise.

Signing of Report Zero, let’s go!


We go into battle.

Now, we need a plan.

We need a map in order to place the how, where and when of each marketing tool we will use.

Because the tools must be defined, according to an objective.

As you can see, there are no issues like attempts, gambles and bets on the future here.


Here is the fulcrum of the uniqueness of the MIM®. As you have read previously, the presence of the Marketing Interim Manager is ALWAYS terminable. This implies having to identify a successor or a team of successors that pick up the baton of the company’s marketing, in order to continue to take it to new heights.

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The MIM® will participate in the selection of his successor, according to those necessary soft skills which, as a rule, cannot be transmitted.


This name makes you think about a simple party to congratulate each other on what has been done.

Right, but in part.

Therefore, the Celebration Day establishes the achievement of the purpose set out and discussed by the Report Zero and the Battle Plan, which made it possible to identify a clear purpose that has to be achieved.

But, how is the achievement of this purpose celebrated?

In this too, the MIM® tends to clearly distinguish himself from the celebration methods used by most companies.

In our case there is no word END.

Nothing is going to end.

The celebration, more than a moment of celebration and carefreeness, will therefore have a functional purpose: that of passing on a scalable – or rather, repeatable – working METHOD to the Management over time.

Now, keep on reading, if you want to find out how to have your Marketing Interim Manager in your company.


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