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Why should not you hire a Marketing Manager?


“I can say with absolute certainty that, after talking with the rest of the crew, the flight experts, the aeronautical engineers, after examining any possible scenario and hearing all the protagonists of the story, there is still an “X”, and you are the commander. If you remove yourself from the equation, the accounts don’t add up”.

The commander replies: “I disagree. The “X” is not just me, but all of us, the rest of the crew, all passengers, emergency responders, ferry crews and divers. We did it together and we survived”.

You do not survive a ditching, but Sully did.

What does it mean?

What I just mentioned you is the story of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, US Airways pilot commander who, in 2008, made a perfect emergency landing on Hudson’s waters, after both engines of the aircraft he was piloting had gone out of order for having hit a flock of hundreds of birds in full swing.

All this despite continuing to tell him from the control tower to return immediately to the airport.

Careful investigations have shown that, if Sully had carried out the control tower’s directives, he would have crashed with 150 people aboard over Manhattan, one of the most densely populated and urbanized areas of the world.

What does this have to do with your company’s marketing activities?
your company’s marketing activities?
It is simple.

If you decide to rely on a simple external marketing consultancy, you would turn to pilot who would follow the directions of the control tower, because his purpose is not to save the plane, but to respect precisely what he is supposed to do.

If you decided to drive the place yourself, you would turn towards the airport and crash to the ground too, in a desperate attempt to save the heritage represented by the plane.

The Marketing Interim Manager is like the pilot Sully. Reread his testimony. He declares that it is everyone’s victory, because everyone has done their job in order to save themselves.
However, everything comes from his courageous decision to reach the primary goal (saving lives) compared to a an emergency landing (only on paper, which instead would have caused a plane crash).

This is the Marketing Interim Manager: a professional who has the skills, courage and freedom to make the right decisions for the company’s commercial future.

Do you want to find out how to start the amazing journey that will lead you to have a marketing system able to accelerate your commercial potential to the maximum with a dedicated Marketing Interim Manager?

Book now your preliminary anamnesis session 297€ worth.

Be careful, I said 297€ worth.

If you have made it this far, it means that you have fully understood the importance of redefining your marketing structure but, above all, the importance of doing it in a very serious and concrete way, without more attempts and bets.

For you, the preliminary anamnesis, in which we will begin to map your company’s data, is extraordinarily equal to an investment of €297.

Consider it a way to cautiously start a sea change for your company.



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