Ad interim stories

The direct experience of those who have chosen the Marketing Interim Management
to revive the fortunes of their company.

Leading Company in Europe in the Reclaim of Fluorinated Gases

  • Anamnesis for the Italian market’s development starting from the differentiating idea of the brand. Indeed, it is the largest player to deal with F-Gas by law, according to the provisions of the AHRI 700:2018 standards and the processes governed by EU Reg. 517/2014 and its transpositions;
  • Identification of competitors (direct or not ones)
  • Identification of commercial partners for the service;
  • Support player identification
  • Definition of a site in Italy for the volumes’ management;
  • Italian site’s acquisition (to be completed in April 2021);
  • Business volume developed equal to 5 million Euros in 13 months of activity;

Supporting business actions

  • Sale of regenerated and virgin refrigeration gases by identifying local players (Agents and resellers), direct users (companies like Daikin, MTH, etc.), companies specialized in maintenance (Johnson Controls, GEA, etc.);
  • Interventions with RapidRecovery ™ dynamics, a service patented by the company and tested in Italy through the Franchising’s dynamics

Italian Reseller Company of Postel and PagoPA

Services: Commercial Interim Management

Following the exit by the Commercial Director, the sales team took over and managed in Italy. Team consisting of 3 field salespeople + 3 inside sales.

Adaptation of the strategy left by the sales manager to the property’s objectives. Creation of processes of:

Data collection on CRM (Microsoft Dynamics + Sales Force);

Appointment management for salesmen on field, with telephone script structuring, sales negotiation, follow up;

Telephone scripts and Customer Service activities for inside sales sellers;

Report construction starting from CRM dashboard

Objectification of sales data with sales optimization in favour of higher-margin products;

Training for Salesman who has passed the Commercial Director’s role

Verification checkpoints for the new Commercial Director

Interventions related to the construction of Marketing processes

Historic Company of Italian electromechanics.

Known for being the first company to which the cores’ production used for power transformers was outsourced.

Initial purpose: increasing sales on the Italian market

Purpose after anamnesis: opening up to the largest producers of power transformers

Initial scouting to identify:

  • National and not Competitors;
  • Producers with in-house core production;
  • World players of power machines
  • Scouting in South America (Brazil Argentina) for opening commercial relations with players like General Electric, Toshiba, Comtrafo, Siemens Brazil, ABB Brazil, Faraday, TTE, Tadeo Czerweny;
  • After 1 month, orders closed for 2 million of Euros;
  • Business Support Action Customer development of cast resin transformers (dry ones);
  • Identification of emerging groups by hard core constitution;
  • Construction and editing of the “Lagor Magazine” with news and information on materials (electrical steel, insulators, technologies), studies (university and not articles), interventions by specialists (USA, South America, Ukraine, Germany, etc);
  • Sales campaigns for scrap material with the construction of a structured business with auction;
  • Construction of a fair campaign on the CWEME occasion (Coil Winding Exhibition Event in Berlin) with video collection of operators’ witnesses;
  • Editing of the book “Il mago dei mix” and English version (“The Mix Magician”) to tell the brand’s story.


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