Do you have courage and at least $ 1,5 million in turnover?

Find out what you DON’T know you desperately want from
The First Interim Company in Marketing Management

How Start

These are the minimum starting conditions.
In order to leave to where? To do what?

If you are here, your business has a tangle of weed coiled around its foundations.

Just to be clear, the brambles are there:

  • New customers become rare like a mint granita in the Sahara;
  • Inability to sell more to customers or reactivate dormant ones;
  • Total disorientation every time you need to set up a marketing campaign;
  • No possibility of planning future purposes, having to devote to at least 7 small daily issues;
  • Slow and cumbersome business processes.



What are you experiencing represents one of the darkest pages of recent entrepreneurial history.

Driving a business AGAIN means being veterans of real wars, such as the 2008 crisis, COVID -19 and the perennial tax burden (a war that may never end).

You deserve a veteran’s retirement and a life of honour.

But, you are an entrepreneur, you would never do that.

We businessmen have a strange conception of honours.

The honour means serving your company day and night, on Sundays and Christmas, in order to continuously feed the fire of our entrepreneurial dream.

However, unfortunately, reality is different.

The fire, that overflowing physical and mental strength of a true entrepreneur, which allowed you to get to where you are today, could have weakened, for a thousand reasons.

How much energy did you have to put out to train those who have worked with you to date?

How many times have you had to use your intuition to find solutions even before critical issues occurred, in order to continue to cultivate your entrepreneurial dream?

Everything is absolutely normal, being aware of it is the second big win today.

The first is to have arrived here, because you have, in front of your eyes, your only opportunity to extricate yourself from the brambles of immobility and start again to grow at tripled speed towards your goals.

If you run a company with at least € 1,5 million in turnover and you have enough courage to APPLY THE REQUIRED CHANGE (not just wanting it), then

Who is behind all this?

What does this have to do with the fate of your company?

If it is true that everything affects the training of a manager, let alone what the profession of one’s parents can do.
I am the son of two chemistry professors.
I have not followed in their footsteps and I have carved out a work in my image and likeness, but I bring a single characteristic as a dowry that will make a difference for your business.
I grew up giving you at SCIENTIFIC METHOD.
Or rather, I learned to recognize its importance long before becoming a manager.


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